Viola: "Oh, hey, Jazz, by the way, what's the name of that river we fell into back there?"
Claves: "Fusion River. It carries rainfall from Mt. Rock down to the Blues Sea. The rich earth from Mt. Rock flows down with the water. So, crops tend to grow very well in the nearby regions of the river."
Jazz: "No. That was in the past. Ever since Waltz started mining Mt. Rock things have changed a lot around this area."
— The party discusses the Fusion River.
Reaching for Polka

Allegretto reaching for Polka after the party is knocked into the Fusion River

The Fusion River is a large river in Eternal Sonata that runs from Mt. Rock in the north all the way down to the Blues Sea in the south. It was once possible to cross the river from the Chorus Plains to Fort Fermata via the Cabasa Bridge, but it was made impassable following the bridge's destruction by Tuba. Following his defeat at the hands of Allegretto, Beat, Frederic, Polka, Viola and Salsa, he uses his mace to destroy the bridge and sends them and the three key members of the Forte resistance group Andantino: Jazz, Claves and Falsetto, plummeting into the Fusion River.

A regular ferry service and ships from the kingdom of Baroque once ran regularly along the Fusion River, but traffic has been heavily curtailed following the increase of pirate ship activity along the river. Upon the party's defeat of Dolce and her crew, the regular ferry service resumes activities along the river.

The Fusion River was once a source of bountiful fresh water and minerals for crops along its path, but Forte's mining of minerals to make mineral powder has wreaked havoc with the local ecology.

Behind the scenesEdit

"Ever since pirates started appearing on Fusion River, they've suspended travel because it's dangerous. If I can't get to Baroque, how am I supposed to keep up with the latest fashions?"
—A fashionable lady in Ritardando
  • In the PlayStation 3 release, of Eternal Sonata, the party is shown being washed away by the Fusion River and Allegretto attempting to reach for Polka, only for her to be swept away. In the Xbox 360 version, the party is only shown falling into the Fusion River and then the scene immediately ends and Chapter 3: Fantaisie-Impromptu begins.
  • Despite it being indicated that the ferry service runs in safety once the party defeats the crew of the Pirate Ship Dolce, this ship resurfaces in Chapters 6 and 7 in Encore Mode, available via the teleporter in the Warp Room. One of the sailors on-board will indicate that he thought there weren't supposed to be anymore pirates.
  • In Encore Mode, there are a couple of kids in the Cantabile Inn who are part of the Score Piece sidequest. They have been waiting for the ferry service to resume, but do not realize that it already has until the player plays the correct Score Pieces with them.


Fusion, more precisely Jazz fusion, is a type of music that fuses elements of jazz with other elements such as those of rock music and time signatures of non-Western music. It was not developed until the late 1960s, making the use of this term another of Eternal Sonata's many anachronisms.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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