Frederic's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Frédéric François Chopin

  • "Why? Why did it happen? Why was she destined to die? What crime could a girl like that have possibly committed to deserve such a grim fate? She was only 14. And during those brief 14 years, what did she do? Simply cherish a love of music and revel in her girlish dreams. I'll never forget her. Even if the cruel passage of time should wear the threads of memory so thin they break, I will always remember. ... Emilia."
  • "Everything in the world slowly fades with time. It is very difficult to remain still and keep things exactly as they are in just one particular moment. But because everything shifts only a little bit at a time, no one really notices the change."
  • "If I told you that your world exists in a dream I'm having, would it startle you? At this moment, I'm asleep in Paris. As a pianist -- and as a composer, as well -- I have produced many popular works that have brought me a rather good deal of renown there."
  • "I believe that I am somehow being tested. That I am on this journey to come to some realization. And in order to do so, I think I'm supposed to live my life to the fullest, even if it is in this muddled world of dream and reality."
  • "The suffering of innocents is one of the greatest tragedies of war. It's appalling."
  • "So, it's all up to me. To do something to change this world, something to save Polka. But how? What am I supposed to do?"
  • "Yes, I must see this through to the very end. That's the only way I can be sure the path I choose will be the right one."
  • "When one thing comes to an end, something else begins."
  • "There's no denying that the time we've shared together has been real."
  • "All around us the world is fading at an incredibly rapid rate, and yet, you say you aren't able to see it. Well, perhaps there is a reason for that. Perhaps you can't see it because you are fading even faster than the world."
  • "I won't let you die, Polka. After all, you've only been alive for fourteen years. A fourteen-year old girl must live her life."
  • "Do you remember? You said it was up to me whether I wanted to call them heaven's mirror or death lights. I'm still allowed to choose, am I not? Well then, I shall make my definitive choice right now. That flower that so resembles you; that flower that boldly challenges the darkness; I choose to call it Heaven's Mirror!"

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