Forte Castle From the Outside

Forte Castle seen from the outside

Polka: "Mom, I'm going to see the Count at Forte Castle!"
Solfege: "Now is not the time to discuss this! We have a guest in the house."
— Polka announces to her Mom her intention to travel to Forte Castle.

Forte Castle is a lavish castle situated within the heart of Forte City in the Forte region in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the home of Count Waltz and his adviser Legato and contains an elaborate throne room for Waltz. It is also the site of an underground dungeon where Forte officials keep prisoners for later interrogation.


The throne room of Forte Castle is first presented in a cutscene at the beginning of Chapter 2 when Count Waltz and Legato discuss the activities of the Forte resistance group Andantino. It later appears in a number of sequences throughout the game as Waltz receives reports from his various agents.

Allegretto, Beat, Frederic, Polka and Viola attempt to visit Forte Castle in Chapter 2, hoping to get an audience with the Count. They are instead confronted by the captain of the Forte guard, Tuba, who believes them to be members of Andantino. He battles the party and then orders the other guards to throw them in the castle's dungeon when he is unable to overcome them. The party then discovers that Salsa, a Guardian of Agogo Forest, is also being held captive in the dungeon. Having already met her sister, March, they return a hat to her that had been given to them by March and Allegretto picks the lock of the party's cell. They then escape from the dungeon via Andantino's Secret Passage.

The throne room is later seen in a number of other scenes in which Waltz receives reports from his advisers and agents.

Score Piece ParticipantEdit

  • Thief Slur
Score 14/16 for Rank B - Copper Necklace
Score 17 for Rank A - Emerald Bracelet


  • Club Clover
  • Club Clover

Musical themeEdit

"Strategy" is often heard during the scenes in Forte Castle when Count Waltz is in conference with his various agents. This is Track 3 on the second disc of the game's original score.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The presence of Thief Slur within the dungeon of Forte Castle seems somewhat anomalous. The dungeon does not seem equipped to play host to normal prisoners, having only a few cells. Yet, Thief Slur is apparently little more than a common thief.
  • The interior of the castle itself is never available to visit in the game itself, but the party does end up there in the manga edition.

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