Tenuto's Famous Floral Powder

Polka pitching floral powder in Ritardando.

Polka: "Come and buy some of Tenuto's famous floral powder! It works very well! Please give it a try!"
Woman in Ritardando: "Floral powder? Hm. I didn't know people still made that. What with the mineral powder we can get these days, why would anyone need that stuff? Now, I don't mean to be rude, honey, but floral powder just isn't useful anymore."
Polka: "I guess no one around here wants to buy it."
— Polka is unable to sell floral powder due to the influx of mineral powder.

Floral powder is a medicinal powder made from the flowers of Tenuto Village in the World of Eternal Sonata. Polka is a seller of floral powder. Sales of floral powder have been greatly decreasing due to the rapid influx of the mineral powder being distributed throughout the Forte region.

Polka makes a living as a floral powder saleswoman, but her livelihood has been curtailed due to the lack of interest in floral powders because of the mineral powder. She begins a journey to Forte, hoping to get the region's ruler, Count Waltz, to lower taxes on some items other than mineral powder. Her adoptive mother, Solfege, tells her that they'll find some other way to survive, but Polka feels that it is about more than just floral powder. As she doesn't have long left to live due to her magic illness, she wants to do something important with her life.

Healing powders described as powders made from flowers for Tenuto can be purchased at shops throughout Eternal Sonata and are sometimes dropped by opponents. These include Floral Powder (heals 50% of a single character's HP), Floral Extract (heals 70%) and Floral Essence (heals 100%.)


"All the markets are filled with mineral powders. Not a lot of people are buying floral powders."
—Squat man in Tenuto Village
  • Despite it being stated that floral powders are no longer generally available due to the influx of mineral powder, most shops, even those within the Forte region, will sell to the player healing powders described as being made from flowers from Tenuto. This is an example of an RPG custom of gameplay elements sometimes being separated from the story.
  • Floral powder based items heal a percentage of a single character's HP while Clover and Cookie items generally heal specific HP amounts. While floral items remain effective throughout the game, Clover and Cookie items are often a more practical buy in terms of pure cost. For example, a Club Clover heals everyone in the party for 3000 HP at the cost of only 100 Gold, while Floral Powder always carries a flat cost of 100 Gold and only heals a single character. At the time Club Clover becomes available, most characters in the party will only have around 3000 HP, or less.

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