Fire Antique
Fire Antique
11490 (Xbox 360) / 57580 (Xbox 360, as boss), 10000 (PS3, approximate) / 36000 (PS3, as boss) 790 (Xbox 360) / 0 (Xbox 360, as boss), 720 (PS3) / 7000 (PS3, as boss) 45
Location Wah Lava Cave
Item Drop Floral Extract, Goddess Bouquet
Special Attacks Lava Circle, Lava Fire, Lava Stab

The Fire Antique is a monster battled in the Wah Lava Cave in the World of Eternal Sonata. Two somewhat stronger ones also appear alongside the boss Unrest in the Double Reed Tower of Sand.


The Fire Antique appears in the field in groups of two or three and sometimes alongside Haken Büchses/Coelacanths. It is under a continuous Shining Body status, meaning that any Special Attacks used on it at close range will be light special attacks. Later they appear with greater HP in the Double Reed Tower. The Unrest opponent has the capability to revive them.


The normal attack is a whacking attack on targets at melee range that can sometimes hit twice. Its Lava Circle is a distance attack on one target that can cause Burst status. Lava Stab is a powerful stabbing electric melee attack on one. Finally, Lava Fire is a spinning attack on all targets at melee range that can also hit targets standing behind it and carries a chance of knockdown.


Encountering a Fire Antique in the Field

Polka encounters a Fire Antique while exploring the Wah Lava Cave.

Battling the Fire Antique is a lot like battling the Light Antiques in the Lento Cemetery. If they manage to put a character in Burst status, try to take extra care to Guard against attacks on that character, then let loose with a powerful series of attacks to take advantage of the increased attack power. Salsa will get the first turn against them unless the party is back-attacked and she can do a lot of damage by running up to one and hitting it with her normal attacks followed by a Grand Slam. Once she is of sufficient level, this will be enough to eliminate it, as these have fairly low HP. If encountered alongside Haken Büchses, take out the Fire Antiques first to get them out of the way.

In Encore Mode, the same basic strategies can be used, but take extra caution to avoid being caught in a dangerous back attack.


A Fire Antique Using Lava Stab on Polka

A Fire Antique using its Lava Stab Special Attack on Polka

  • The Fire Antique Antique is the first ordinary monster that drops Goddess Bouquet items. This useful item revives two fallen characters, but carries a greater item weight - 4 in Xbox 360 and 5 in PS3.

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