"Rather than live a comfortable life submitting to those in power, I want to fight for the weak who are made to suffer at their hands. I have great respect for Jazz and this organization he's built. I'd give my life for Jazz's sake."
—Etude, regarding his passion for Andantino

Etude is a member of the Forte resistance group Andantino and the lover of Chaconne. Though not quite at the highest ranks like Jazz, Claves and Falsetto, he is extremely passionate about Andantino's cause, to the point of considering martyrdom.


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Etude joins a group of soldiers who stage a nighttime raid on Forte Castle. The attack goes badly wrong and Etude is the only one survives, badly wounded. Allegretto suggests that Polka could heal his wounds with magic, but Jazz forbids this, stating that Etude needs to "remember this pain."

Etude's wounds later heal on the whole, and he states that he understands what Jazz was trying to say.


In music, an etude is a musical composition that is short and of great difficulty to perform, often designed to help perfect musical skill. Certain of etudes by Frédéric François Chopin have found their place in concerts.[1]

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