Elegy of the moon distortion

The Elegy of the Moon distortion

The Elegy Of The Moon distortion is a rip in space and time made by Legato after he turned into Ruined Body by drinking the enhanced mineral powder. By stepping through it, the party can transport from Mt. Rock to Elegy of the Moon, and vice versa.


After the team defeats Count Waltz, he tells Legato to drink the mineral powder. Legato is reluctant at first, but when Waltz makes it an order, he drinks the mineral powder and transforms into the monstrous Ruined Body. He uses his power first to completely destroy the fleet of dragons that accompanied him and Waltz, then creates this distortion. The light of Polka's astra causes Waltz and Ruined Body to flee, and after the party comes to, they pursue the two through this distortion.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the original Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, Legato drinks the mineral powder of his own accord, Waltz having been killed by the party.

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