EZI Holy Light
EZI Holy Light
25000 0 0
Location Church of EZI - Awesome Altar
Item Drop
Special Attacks Admonish, Dancing Flame, Inspire, Offering

The EZI Holy Light is a monster battled exclusively in the Church of EZI in the World of Eternal Sonata.


Two EZI Holy Lights accompany The Great EZI / Bouncing EZI in the battle at the Awesome Altar in the Church of EZI. They are under a continuous Shining Body status and tend to group close to EZI in order to keep him as The Great EZI, rather than him morphing into Bouncing EZI. Once defeated, EZI can revive them, but they will not retain their Shining Body status.


The EZI Holy Light uses the same basic attack set as the EZI Torchbearer. Its normal attack is a whack with it staff or ax. Admonish is an attack that spins EZIs on a single target at either melee range or nearby with a chance of knockdown and Poison status. Dancing Flame is a distance attack on a single target, a powerful energy attack with a chance of knockdown. Finally, Offering absorbs HP on all targets in range. Its only exclusive move is Inspire, which it can use to heal EZI for 92700 HP.


Crescendo Attacking an EZI Holy Light

Crescendo attacks an EZI Holy Light.

The basic strategy for defeating the EZI Holy Lights is exactly the same as for battling the EZI Torchbearers. If possible, try to catch them when they're grouped right next to EZI in order to hit both at once and quickly build Echoes. Finish them off first, as once they are defeated, The Great EZI will morph into Bouncing EZI if it is in the darkness and this form of EZI is much easier to defeat. If EZI remains in the light, then he may use EZI Revive to revive the EZI Holy Lights, but they can be easily dispatched again.


EZI Holy Light Uses Offering on Crescendo

An EZI Holy Light uses its Offering Special Attack on Crescendo.

  • EZI is the only boss monster in Eternal Sonata that changes forms when moving from light to darkness; thus a unique challenge is presented with it being accompanied by an opponent that is under Shining Body status.

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