EZI Devotee
EZI Devotee
137500 25600 321
Location Church of EZI
Item Drop
Special Attacks Receive, Vanquish

The EZI Devotee is a monster battled exclusively in the Church of EZI in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The EZI Devotee is battled in groups of two or three within the Church of EZI. It can be fought as a roaming enemy and is also sometimes battled if the player triggers an EZI Alarm within the Courage Checking Chamber or Passion Proving Chamber.


Its normal attack is a whack with its axe. Vanquish is a move that spins EZIs around a single target, with a chance of Slow status and knockdown. Receive absorbs HP from all targets in range.


An EZI Devotee in the Field

An EZI Devotee roaming the field in the Church of EZI.

While not as challenging as the EZI Torchbearer, this monster can still present a real danger to the party, especially if the player decides to tackle the Church of EZI dungeon at lower levels. All of its attacks are powerfully damaging and can quickly wipe out out a party's HP, particularly if they are caught in a back attack. Have plenty of healing items on-hand and, if at lower levels, a character with healing abilities in the party. Try to figure out its attack pattern and be ready to Guard to protect against the worst of the damage. Counterattack is generally a bad idea, as it isn't offered very often and the consequences of missing it are devastating. Unless the party is well-leveled, don't group them together against a single target. Be ready with powerful Special Attacks and Harmony Chains and try to go into the battle with a good Echo count already built.


Serenade Uses Verbum Expello on an EZI Devotee

Serenade uses her Verbum: Expello Special Attack on an EZI Devotee.

  • Like other opponents in the Church of EZI, the EZI Devotee drops 321 Gold. 321 is "EZI" represented as numbers.

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