Dark Antique
Dark Antique
15990 4790 (Xbox 360), 1440 (PS3) 80
Location To Coda Ruins
Item Drop Scorpion's Tail
Special Attacks Black Circle, Black Fire, Black Stab

The Dark Antique is a monster battled exclusively in the To Coda Ruins in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Dark Antique appears alone or in groups of two or three in battle in the To Coda Ruins and sometimes alongside Ancient Fish / Strong Glory. It is under a continuous Darkness Body status, meaning that any Special Attacks used on it at close range will be dark Special Attacks.


The normal attack is a whacking attack on targets at melee range that can sometimes hit twice. Black Circle is a distance attack on a single target that carries a chance of Stop status. Black Fire is a spinning attack on all at melee range with a chance of knockdown. Finally, Black Stab is a single electric stab on one.


Encountering a Dark Antique in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Dark Antique while exploring the To Coda Ruins.

While it has some fairly powerful moves including one that can inflict Stop, it has low HP for this stage of the game and low defense as well. Just about any character should be able to defeat it in one full turn. The Black Circle attack can be dangerous if a character gets the full brunt of it, but it is easily Guarded against and the timing for a Counterattack is easy as well. This opponent is most dangerous if it closes in and manages to deal several swift physical attacks followed by a Special. If this happens, have a healer move to the light to heal, or just use items. No special strategies are really required.


Dark Antique Uses Black Circle on Falsetto

A Dark Antique uses its Black Circle Special Attack on Falsetto.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was reduced by more than 2/3, but its other stats are generally the same.

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