Crescendo's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Crescendo

  • "My name is Crescendo. I suppose you could say I'm the captain of this ship."
  • "We must achieve true peace, not simply the appearance of it. But, because of the current situation with Forte, there is no way I can leave Baroque at the present time. Besides, if I were to be seen making contact with Andantino, that very thing alone could as a trigger for war."
  • "Jazz and I have known each other since the days of our youth. We may have different social positions, but he has always been someone I could confide in, and speak openly to."
  • "The purpose of a mirror is to show us a reflection of ourselves. Not only outward appearance, but also, what is inside of us. "
  • "Every choice creates a path and determines what tomorrow will bring. But regardless, we cannot expect others to make those choices for us. After all, if left to others, there's no guarantee they'll make the right decision. And when that happens, who is it that will have to accept responsibility? The answer, of course, is ourselves. No one else would be willing to accept it. So, we all strive to live our lives to the fullest."
  • "War is nothing more than a battle of egos. A desire to surpass your adversary. And as long as both sides feel that way, this clash will just continue on indefinitely. It's simply not worth it. By putting so much effort into a never-ending battle, we all lose sight of the things that really matter. Eventually, the reason for the conflict is forgotten, replaced by the challenge of battle. The battle for power. You may still think you are fighting against your opponent, but at some point, it's no longer about who wins or loses. It's a power struggle. A childish fight between adults who should know better. It's just embarrassing."
  • "Jazz, my friend, could you please give me some time alone, to think? I want to find the best answer. Serenade.... It doesn't matter to me, whose side you're really on. In fact, if there's one thing I'm sure of it's that the things you've said to me are absolutely true. I always knew that you were connected to Count Waltz."
  • "No, I doubt I'll ever be able to return here. This parting will be forever. Farewell, Baroque!"
  • "We must avoid a pointless war. And I feel strongly that meeting in person with Count Waltz is the best way to accomplish that."
  • "As the leader of Baroque, I am responsible for making the people of my country suffer under the fear of impending war. The citizens of Baroque are innocent people whose only crime is living the kingdom I rule. And there are others in this world who suffer similar misfortune. Remember to be very grateful if you are lucky enough to happen to live in a country at peace."

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