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Allegretto Enters Cowbell Heights

Allegretto enters Cowbell Heights on the way to Mt. Rock

The Cowbell Heights is an area in the Baroque region of the World of Eternal Sonata connecting the Cello Tree to Mt. Rock.


After the prophetic events at the Cello Tree, the party passes through the Cowbell Heights to reach Mt. Rock in a relaxing journey free of events or fighting.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Cowbell Heights is the smallest individually named area in Eternal Sonata. Little more than a connector area, it does not even get its own on-screen introduction sequence and contains no enemy encounters, no cut-scenes and no treasures.


In music, a cowbell is a type of hand percussion instrument. There are several types and they are commonly used in hillbilly music, as well as in hip hop and rhythm & blues.[1]

Musical themeEdit

The musical theme of Cowbell Heights simply carries over from the music of the Cello Tree area without interruption, "Dive Into the Vast Expanse," a tune first used on the Chorus Plains. It is Track 2 of the second disc of Eternal Sonata's original score.

Notes and referencesEdit

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