68310 (Xbox 360), 30300 (PS3, approximate) 8500 (Xbox 360), 3250 (PS3) 150
Location Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys
Item Drop Lion's Mane
Special Attacks Buried Breath, Ill Vortex, Power Blaze

The Corsesca is a monster battled in the Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Corsesca appears in battle in groups of two or three in the Xylophone Tower of the Shining Keys. It is the dark form of the Golden Temple.


The normal attack is a jab with its pointed end. Ill Vortex is a slow vortex attack on all characters at melee range with a chance of Passive status and knockdown. If it is not able to reach a character to attack at melee range before the end of its turn, it may use Power Blaze to increase its attack power. It will then often follow this with Buried Breath, a distance piercing breath attack.


A Corsesca in the Field

A Corsesca roaming the field in the Xylophone Tower

It has less defense than its light Golden Temple counterpart, but possesses some powerful attacks in its own right. The Ill Vortex is slow, but can do a lot of damage, though the Passive status is not too big a deal, only preventing a character from doing Counterattacks. Otherwise, just watch out if it goes into Power Blaze, as this makes it quite a bit stronger.

In Encore Mode, it is faster and stronger and can do a lot of damage just with several swift hits of its normal attacks followed by an Ill Vortex. Have healing ready as needed, and focus on building up Echoes to defeat it with a strong series of Special Attacks using Harmony Chains.


Falsetto Battling a Marked Corsesca

Falsetto battles a Corsesca marked for damage by Viola's Hawk Eye

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was reduced by more than half, but its HP was also reduced by more than half.

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