Claves's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Claves

  • "...reality's something that just is. It's like the way we're not consciously aware of air when we're breathing it."
  • "And apparently they need to mix glowing agogos into the mineral powder in order to accomplish that. Though I hear they also taste good in soup."
  • "...we are a rebel army. We're supposed to be underground, right?"
  • "If there's a spy among us, wouldn't the guards have been watching the dungeon? Remember, our plan was to infiltrate the dungeon directly through the secret passage. ... I can't believe Falsetto is a spy."
  • "Waltz really made a mistake when he chose me for this mission because I went and fell in love with the target. I guess I'm a failure as a spy. But more than that I'm an idiot, too."
  • "Well, ultimately I guess I lose both in work and in love. I wish... I wish I had grown up with Jazz. Then just maybe I would have led a life better than the one I did."
  • "Everything I've ever done has always just been an act, but at least at the end I want to be the real me. I... I truly loved you."
  • "Imagine a music that could make us feel space and dimension. And pictures that would make us feel time and experience motion. Whatever kind of art it is, you would need to use more than one of your senses to understand it. It's more important to feel it with your heart. But let me ask you, does that idea really apply only to the arts?"
  • "I have returned from the dark beyond to visit revenge upon you for eating all of my chocolates. Just kidding. Did I scare you? Sorry, Salsa."
  • "Truly, this is my body. The soul connected to it though, is fragmented. The impact of reentering this world broke my soul and scattered its pieces throughout this labyrinth. I have braved the labyrinth many times attempting to restore it, but I...."
  • "... This sensation of unity. It's as though my soul has been returned to its rightful place; like all my senses are bound together as one. Falsetto.... Viola.... Everyone, thank you! "
  • "I was acting out a part up until the moment I died. Do you plan to spend your whole life pretending to be someone you’re not?"

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