Caravan Crab
Caravan Crab
12600 315 (Xbox 360), 350 (PS3) 20
Location Glissando Cliffs, Andantino's Secret Passage
Item Drop Club Clover
Special Attacks Nutcracker, Pierce, Poisonous, Viva

The Caravan Crab is a monster battled on the Glissando Cliffs and in Andantino's Secret Passage in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Sweet Whisper.


Sweet Whispers can be found in groups of two or three on the Glissando Cliffs and can morph into Caravan Crabs in the darkness, though this area contains only small areas of darkness. Caravan Crabs are later encountered in the field in Andantino's Secret Passage and are much more likely to appear in this form in battle, as the battlefield here has a large swath of darkness across the entire area. They may also be encountered alongside Bolbos.


The Caravan Crab's normal physical attack is a strike with its claws. If faced with a target at melee range, it may also strike that target with Poisonous, two stabs with its tail with a high probability of causing poison status if not Guarded against. From a distance, it can use either Pierce, an attack capable of piercing through multiple targets, or Nutcracker, a drop attack on all targets in range. It can also use Viva to heal an ally.


Encountering a Caravan Crab in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Caravan Crab from behind.

The Caravan Crab has a higher HP total and is generally harder to damage than the Sweet Whisper, but its attacks are generally much more easily Guarded against. Additionally, it gives more EXP, so it may be the better choice to battle. Polka's Nether Wave is a great choice to both damage it and build up Echoes and Allegretto can hit more than one of these with his Phantom Wave. Viola can easily attack these using her arrow attacks from a distance and Beat is a good choice for building up Echoes. Once the player reaches Andantino's Secret Passage, Salsa's Shadow Silhouette is an excellent choice to grant allies increased power for their Special Attacks, letting them make short work of the Caravan Crabs.

In Encore Mode, the power of Harmony Chains with Echoes carried from another battle will generally allow the player to finish these off in one round, or two at most. Keep an eye on HP if a character gets hit with poison, but otherwise use the same basic tactics.


Viola Attacking a Caravan Crab

Viola using her arrow attacks on a Caravan Crab

  • In the Xbox 360 version of Eternal Sonata, the Caravan Crab's Viva heals for only 2520 HP. In the PlayStation 3 version, it heals for 7000.

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