Calamity Wilhm
Calamity Wilhm
77230 (Xbox 360), 200000 (PS3, approximate) 280000 (Xbox 360, with Waltz), 45000 (PS3, with Waltz) 3000 (with Waltz)
Location Mt. Rock - Summit
Item Drop Vanquisher, Jokulsnaut, Demonic Mask
Special Attacks Choking Blow, Incinerate, Lash Tail

The Calamity Wilhm is a boss monster battled on the summit of Mt. Rock in the World of Eternal Sonata.


Count Waltz appears before the party at the summit of Mt. Rock commanding a large fleet of dragons, riding Calamity Wilhm, which joins him in his battle against the party.


Its normal physical attacks are foot stomps and several pecks with its beak that carries a chance of knockdown. Incinerate is two hits of fire on a target and anyone standing right by it, though if Guarded against, it will only hit once. It will telegraph that it is about to use this attack by grooming itself. Lash Tail is a tail strike on anyone standing behind it. Finally, Choking Blow is a six-hit attack on all targets at melee range with a chance of knockdown and poison status. It only uses this attack at the beginning of a turn and telegraphs that it is about to use it by raising its head and flapping its wings prior to its next turn. If, however, all party members are more than a few feet away from it, then the attack will simply miss. If it doesn't seem likely that the party will defeat it before its next turn, then move everyone away.


Waltz in Front of Calamity Wilhm

Waltz standing before Calamity Wilhm prior to the battle at Mt. Rock

Calamity Wilhm is a minor threat compared to Count Waltz. Even so, it is probably best to kill it simply to get it out of the way, and if the party is at a high enough level, they may even be able to defeat it in one round or less. Build up either 24 or 32 Echoes and then unleash two Special Attacks with a powerful character using a Harmony Chain. If it telegraphs that it is about to use Incinerate or Choking Blow, be ready to Guard or move the party away. If it moves nearby Waltz, take advantage of this to attack both at the same time and quickly build Echoes. Don't waste any items like Very Odd Chocolates or Sock Incenses on Calamity Wilhm - wait until is down and save them for Waltz, or try to target Waltz with these only if it is certain they will hit him and not Calamity Wilhm.

No alterations to the strategy are really required for Encore Mode - just account for its increased HP and power, and act accordingly. If Echoes are built up prior to the battle, then unleash them on Calamity Wilhm once the entire party is within attacking range to land six Harmony Chains and swiftly rack up a lot of damage.


Calamity Wilhm Using Normal Physical Atttacks

Calamity Wilhm using its normal physical attacks.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, this monster's HP was increased by over 100000 points, but the amount of EXP granted for defeating it along with Waltz was massively reduced to only about 16% of that granted in the Xbox 360 version.

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