Bronze Arms
Bronze Arms
54530 (Xbox 360), 47500 (PS3, approximate) 11300 (Xbox 360), 5600 (PS3) 175
Location Noise Dunes of Fantasy
Item Drop Big Paper Fan
Special Attacks Level Smack, Right Fist, Watcher's Ray

The Bronze Arms is a monster battled in the Noise Dunes of Fantasy in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is the dark form of Trick Tail.


A single Trick Tail can be found roaming the field in the second area of the Noise Dunes. This monster never appears in the field as the Bronze Arms, but morphs into this form in darkness. It can be battled again by exiting and re-entering the area.


Its normal attacks are a fist pound and arm whack with a chance of knockdown. Level Smack is a smack on all at melee range with a chance of knockdown. Right Fist is an energy fist attack on all at melee, also with knockdown. Finally, Watcher's Ray is a piercing magical ray from a distance and this too has a chance of knockdown.


Salsa Uses Deadly Orbit on a Bronze Arms

Salsa uses her Deadly Orbit Special Attack on a Bronze Arms.

It gives slightly more HP than its light Trick Tail counterpart, but its attacks are generally more challenging to Guard against and all of them carry a dangerous knockdown effect. It may be better to just lure it to the light and fight it as the Trick Tail. If not, watch its attacks carefully to Guard and power away with normals followed by powerful Special Attacks. As long as the party is at all decently leveled, this monster really isn't too tough and its HP is low for this stage of the game.


March Uses Midnight Cloud on a Bronze Arms

March uses her Midnight Cloud Special Attack on a Bronze Arms.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, this opponent's HP was decreased by around 7000 points, and the EXP granted for defeating one was decreased by just over half.

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