17440 (Xbox 360), 30000 (PS3) 340 (Xbox 360), 370 (PS3) 13
Location Andantino's Secret Passage
Item Drop Hell Mustard, Star Cookie
Special Attacks Spore Scatter, Ten Lashes, Wreathe

The Bolbo is a monster battled exclusively in Andantino's Secret Passage in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Bolbo appears in groups of either two or three in Andantino's Secret Passage. It also sometimes appears alongside Sweet Whisper/Dark Bat.


The Bolbo's normal physical attack is two lashes with its tentacles and it will sometimes follow this up with four more weaker lashes. Its most dangerous Special Attack is Ten Lashes, which is ten hits on a single character with a chance of knockback. It will also use Wreathe as a squeezing attack on one character. Finally, Spore Scatter is a poisoning attack on all targets in range that it will only use at the beginning of its turn. It will signal that it is going to use this attack by puffing up at the end of a turn. If this happens, it should either be defeated before its next turn, or simply have all characters move some distance away from it. If they are far enough away, it will still use it, but it will have no effect.


Encountering a Bolbo in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Bolbo.

The main challenge with the Bolbo is its high HP, but since it is neither a light nor dark creature, it will take full damage from all attacks. The best strategy is to build Echoes as high as possible and then use powerful Special Attacks. If Salsa is in the party, her Shadow Silhouette will be invaluable in increasing attack power to quickly take out these monsters. Heal if HP gets too low, because Ten Lashes can be very powerful if the Guard is missed, but otherwise these creatures are not too dangerous.

In Encore Mode, simply watch out for the increased power of the attacks, especially Ten Lashes, and be wary of the especially high HP total. Focus on one at a time, unless they group together, in which case take advantage of the ability to damage more than one at once and quickly build Echoes.


Polka Battling a Bolbo

Polka attacking a Bolbo

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP earned for defeating the Bolbo was slightly increased, but its HP total was massively increased.

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