Black Goat
Black Goat
56270 (Xbox 360), 41000 (PS3) 9350 (Xbox 360), 2900 (PS3) 140
Location Noise Dunes of Fantasy
Item Drop Floral Powder
Special Attacks Ballotte, Feather Blast, Ride of Twelve Hundred, Encourage

The Black Goat is a monster battled in the Noise Dunes of Fantasy in the World of Eternal Sonata, the third of three "goat" opponents found within the game.


The Black Goat is battled in pairs exclusively in the opening area of the Noise Dunes. It is under a constant Darkness Body status, meaning that any Special Attacks used against it at close-range will be dark Special Attacks, unless a character is under Shining Body.


The normal physical attacks are a headbutt and two kicks with its hooves. Ballotte is a melee attack in which it turns and kicks a single target with a chance of knockdown. Feather Blast is a distance drop attack on all in range. It can also use Ride of the Twelve Hundred to charge and pierce through targets in a line for powerful damage and a chance of knockdown. Finally, it can use Encourage to heal an ally in critical status for 24000 HP.


Encountering a Black Goat in the Field

Allegretto encounters a Black Gold while exploring the field in the Noise Dunes.

The Black Goat is like the goats encountered earlier in the game. Its attacks can be powerful if they hit, but generally aren't enough to destroy the party in one turn and its power is limited by the fact that it only appears in pairs. Have two characters go after one Black Goat and another go after a different one for an easier time. They can easily be defeated with Harmony Chains and their defense is low enough that normal attacks should do a lot of damage as well. Alternatively, they can just be avoided entirely, since they only appear in one area and there is no requirement to fight any of them.


Falsetto Uses Willow Strike on a Black Goat

Falsetto uses her Willow Strike Special Attack on a Black Goat.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was decreased by over 2/3, but its HP was also decreased by over 15000 points.

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