Beat's Level-Up Pose

Notable quotes related to the playable character Beat

  • "Hey, Retto. Why is bread so expensive anyway? If it was a little cheaper, we wouldn't have to steal it for people. Do you think the baker lady is just being greedy?"
  • "Taking pictures isn't a waste of time."
  • "People might notice that something isn't right, but they can't bring themselves to give it up because it makes life easier for them."
  • "You're only taller because you have a hat on! That's not fair!"
  • "I thought pirate captains were, you know, supposed to be grizzly old men with scraggly beards."
  • "'Mineral Powder Super Slim: Drink this and cut your weight in half!' I wonder what would happen if we gave this to the lady at the bakery. 'Also decreases height by 50 percent. Please consume with Mineral Powder Growth Tonic.' Mineral powder is really scary stuff."
  • "I'm gonna make sure I take lots of pictures, Retto. If we're gonna be saving the world, I at least want us to have something to remember it all by!"
  • "We don't know what's gonna happen. It might take a real long time before everybody is happy again. Thinkin' about all that made me sad."
  • "If everyone sticks together, we can solve anything that comes our way! Don't ya think, Frederic?"
  • "You can give up when it’s really, truly, absolutely the very end. Until then, you gotta try and do whatever you can. I guarantee that you still have time."

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