A Pack of Fools

Bass calls the party a "pack of fools."

"We're just lucky you're a pack of fools. Now the treasure is ours!"
—Bass's only line in Eternal Sonata

Bass is a pirate serving on the Pirate Ship Dolce in the World of Eternal Sonata under Captain Dolce.


Bass serves Captain Dolce as her 1st Lieutenant. His appearance is that of a Raider Pirate opponent. He seems to be a quiet type, speaking only once within the game despite accompanying Dolce and Guitar in all of their appearances.


Main article: 1st Lieutenant

In battle, Bass carries the same basic attack set and relative stats to a Raider Pirate in comparison with a Warrior Pirate. As such, his defense is rather lower than Guitar's, though still higher than a typical Raider Pirate. Additionally, he can use Guts to revive Guitar, or Grit in the final battle.


  • Bass's name is only given when he speaks in the final battle against him, Dolce and Guitar in the Woodblock Groves in Encore Mode. If playing a normal playthrough, his name is never given as anything other than "1st Lieutenant."
  • Bass shares his name with a member of the Forte resistance group Andantino.


In music, a bass is both a type of instrument and a type of classical male singing voice. Thus, it makes sense that there would be two characters named Bass.[1]

Notes and referencesEdit

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