Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon
40,740 (Xbox 360), 35000 (PS3, approximate) 1500 (Xbox 360), 750 (PS3) 35
Location Agogo Forest
Item Drop Stone Sword Hilt
Special Attacks Fiery Breath, Knockout, Red Heaven

Baby Dragon is a boss monster found in Agogo Forest in the World of Eternal Sonata. It is fought by Allegretto and Beat and appears with two Florite Mice.


Baby Dragon confronts Allegretto and Beat about midway through the Agogo Forest. After they defeat it, the player is presented with the first part of the Chopin story sequence, "Raindrops."


Baby Dragon's normal attack is a single or two-hit stabbing tail attack, but it also uses a number of strong Special Attacks. Red Heaven is an attack with a fiery appearance that hits everyone within close range in a circle. Fiery Breath is a distance attack from mid-range that sweeps around in an arc. It will often move behind a character and then use this attack in order to prevent Guarding. Finally, Knockout is a four-hit close combat attack with a strong finishing blow that has a strong chance of knockdown.


Baby Dragon Menaces Allegretto and Beat

Baby Dragon menaces Allegretto and Beat prior to battle.

Baby Dragon uses a lot of strong physical attacks and, unfortunately, neither Beat nor Allegretto have a healing skill. They do, however, hit fairly hard for damage. Begin the battle by clearing out the Florite Mice, then focus on the Baby Dragon. Allegretto should be attacking entirely in close range in the light and is best used with his Sky Divider once a large number of Echoes have been built. Beat, meanwhile, should be kept at a distance and should focus on building up hits for Echoes. He can also attempt some Photos, but this should only be attempted if the battle is going well. Take advantage of the unlimited Tactical Time to plan healing. If Baby Dragon moves behind a character to use Fiery Breath, then make sure to hit the Guard button to have that character turn around so that they can Guard against any further attacks in that turn. Levels for Allegretto and Beat are generally recommended to be around Level 6, though a savvy player may be able to win at lower levels.

If playing in Encore Mode, then Party Level 2 is probably still best at this point, since there still isn't much point in Harmony Chains with only two characters and this Party Level will give the unlimited Tactical Time and five seconds for each turn. The biggest advantage will be that the number of item slots remains the same no matter what Party Level is chosen, so don't hesitate to load up on a large number of cheap Peach Cookies to guarantee an easy battle. A Poison Whitecap or two can be taken in as well for a chance at poisoning this boss, but it's not too important if it doesn't take effect.


Allegretto and Beat Battling Baby Dragon

Allegretto and Beat in battle with Baby Dragon

  • If playing the PlayStation 3 version, upon defeating the White Jewel in the Double Reed Tower of Sand, March will note its similarity in appearance to a monster found in Agogo Forest, most likely referring to this one.

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