Astral Lied
Astral Lied
165620 (Xbox 360), 141500 (PS3) 48950 (Xbox 360), 21200 (PS3) 1500000 (Xbox 360), 4000000 (PS3)
Location Mysterious Unison - Basement Levels 11 and 12
Item Drop Spade Clover
Special Attacks Glancer's Ray, God Fist, Level Spank

The Astral Lied is a monster battled in the Mysterious Unison dungeon in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Astral Lied is always battled in pairs and can be found on Basement Level 11 of Mysterious Unison and in much greater numbers in Basement Level 12.


Its normal attacks are a fist pound and arm whack with a chance of knockdown. Level Spank is a smack on all at melee range with a chance of knockdown. God Fist is an energy fist attack on all at melee, also with knockdown. Finally, Glancer's Ray is a piercing magical ray from a distance or at melee range and this too has a chance of knockdown.


Encountering an Astral Lied in the Field

Allegretto encounters an Astral Lied while exploring the Mysterious Unison dungeon.

This opponent's attacks should be well-familiar from battling other opponents of its type earlier in the game. It has low HP and defense for this point, and should not present much of a challenge at all. Since it mostly relies on melee attacks, using Beat and Viola can be a help, but if the party is at all decently leveled, then melee attackers should be able to hold just fine as well. This is an excellent and easy enemy to farm for both EXP and Gold and no special strategies are required.


Allegretto Uses Bloody Plume on an Astral Lied

Allegretto uses his Bloody Plume Special Attack on an Astral Lied.

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating this opponent was decreased by more than half, but the amount of Gold given was increased by the massive amount of 2500000. In either version, the Astral Lied is by far the best opponent to farm for Gold, which is needed to give to Mute in order to receive a Soul Shard.

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