Ancient Fish
Ancient Fish
31990 5000 (Xbox 360), 1700 (PS3) 90
Location To Coda Ruins
Item Drop
Special Attacks Abyss Stone, Dark Below, Fiery Revolution

The Ancient Fish is a monster battled in the To Coda Ruins in the World of Eternal Sonata.


The Ancient Fish appears in battle in groups of two or three and sometimes alongside Dark Antiques. In the darkness, it morphs into the Strong Glory.


Its normal attack is a jabbing attack on any targets in front of at melee range. Its most powerful Special Attack is Fiery Revolution, in which it whirls for four hits of damage on any target in melee range with a strong knockdown effect. Abyss Stone is a distance attack on a single target with a chance of knockdown. Finally, it might use Dark Below to do damage to a target and place them in Darkness Body status, but this is very rare.


Encountering an Ancient Fish in the Field

Allegretto encounters an Ancient Fish in the field while exploring the To Coda Ruins.

The Ancient Fish is the last of this type of fish opponent in the game and by now the general attack set should be well familiar to the player. While the Fiery Revolution can be quite powerful, this monster is generally a lot less dangerous than its dark counterpart, Strong Glory, having less HP and lower defense. By now, most characters should be able to take one of these out in one full turn. Otherwise, just heal if the party is hit by an un-Guarded Fiery Revolution, but otherwise this monster isn't much trouble at all.


An Ancient Fish in Battle

An Ancient Fish in a battle in the To Coda Ruins

  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the EXP gained for defeating an Ancient Fish was decreased by nearly 2/3, but its stats otherwise seem to be generally the same.

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