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Hometown Ritardando
Age 16
Weapon One Handed Swords
Japanese Voice Actor Hiro Shimono
English Voice Actor Sam Riegel
Eternal Sonata Character

Allegretto: "This is all so frustrating. More than anything, I don't want to let you die. But what the heck can I do? If I knew, I would do it."
Polka: "I'm so sorry."
Allegretto: "What for?"
Polka: "Well, I... I had no idea you'd been worrying about me this much. But, for some reason, knowing that, actually makes me feel kind of happy."
— Allegretto worries over Polka's fate.

Allegretto (アレグレット Areguretto?) is one of the main protagonists from Eternal Sonata. Allegretto is a young thief from the harbor city of Ritardando, and is often looked up to by the younger orphans as a hero. Allegretto and his friend Beat join Polka's journey to Forte in an attempt to lower down taxes on items other than mineral powder.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Don't Waste Time on Pictures

Allegretto, telling Beat to not "waste time" taking pictures

Allegretto: "You know what they say, 'If you don't go into the lion's den, you can't count your chickens.' (sound of wind blowing)"
Viola: "That doesn't make any sense."
— Allegretto bravely leads the party onward.

Allegretto is a young sixteen year old boy and has silver hair and brown eyes. His outfit consists of a blue vest over a white long-sleeve shirt, with a stylized pauldron on his right shoulder. He wears short olive green pants and large brown boots with a somewhat intricate design. In the Playstation 3 port, he has an alternate costume, which can be found in To Coda Ruins, if the player follows the path of teleporters.

He is very protective of Beat and the others. He has a crush on Polka and cares deeply for her. He has a strong will and is very confident. He also values her respect greatly and tries to hide some of mischievous nature and less admirable qualities from her, for example, claiming that he runs a store in Ritardando and not revealing the truth regarding his not helping the party with clearing out the "ghosts" underneath the Mandolin Church. He has a soft side and shows this mostly to Beat, but during the journey he opens up to the rest of his companions. Allegretto is also not very fond of large groups since he often complains throughout the journey about the constantly expanding team. However, he eventually gets used to the new additions and learns to accept them, becoming a sort of natural leader by default.

At times, Allegretto can be brash or teasing, making fun of Beat for his photography and openly stating that he doesn't believe Frederic's claim that the entire world is his dream. At other times, however, he can display a surprising depth of emotion, when not trying to hide it.

He seems to fall for Polka from the minute he sees her, acting nervous around her, though also somewhat doting. When he first meets her, he tries to hide the truth from her about his activities, stating that he runs a small shop in Ritardando along with Beat. His shyness towards Polka makes him an easy target for light-hearted teasing from Viola.

Fighting StyleEdit

Allegretto Uses Bloody Plume on a Perfect Melon

Allegretto, using Bloody Plume on a Perfect Melon

See also: List of Swords.
"Bloody Plume! Cry me a river.. You wimp!"
—Allegretto during his Bloody Plume Special Attack.

His weapon is a one-handed sword. Allegretto can equip light and heavy armor, maximizing sufficient defense for melee combat. He has multi-hitting attacks like Sun Slash and Shadow Assault, which can be used to deal high damage to an enemy. He can also attack from afar with Phantom Wave and Fire Wave, and has great knockdown capabilities with Sky Divider and Void Edge. Starlight Blast and Bloody Plume are his most devastating attacks, both true displays of his sword prowess. He is essentially one of the best fighters in the entire game and continues to topple enemies effectively as he levels up. Allegretto fits the role of a well-balanced protagonist and has no major flaws to note. He is one of only a few characters in the game with a weapon that places him in permanent Burst status, the Hellstriker, and gains it earlier than any other character. Additionally, some of his weapons carry a chance of placing opponents in Poison status. In Encore Mode, his Silver Star becomes available in Chapter 7, a true powerhouse weapon that increases his active time when his regular attacks hit and allows him to always deal critical damage no matter what angle he attacks enemies from. This weapon is best utilized with either the Crimson Brooch or the Solomon's Ring (in the PlayStation 3 version) to keep him in Burst status for absolutely phenomenal attack power.


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Beginning the JourneyEdit


Allegretto and Polka at the Cabasa Bridge.

Allegretto is first seen in the beginning of the game when he and Beat are robbing bread from the local bakery in Ritardando. After he and Beat steal the bread, they go to deliver it to the orphans in the sewer. Later at night, the two talk about Polka and her illness, the decide to head out to Forte to speak with Count Waltz. The next day they set out to Forte and wind up in Agogo Village and meet March, Polka, and Frédéric. After meeting the three, Polka runs away and gets attacked by a monster, Allegretto and the others manage to defeat it. In March's Inn the group decides to adventure to Forte with one another, since all four have a business in the city.

After leaving the forest, Allegretto and the others find a sheep herder named Viola being attack by humanoid monsters. After defeating the monsters, Allegretto and the others are educated on the affects of Mineral Powder on humans and Viola joins them on the pilgrimage to Forte. The group goes through Fort Fermata and eventually make it to Forte Castle, but when Allegretto and the others arrive they are placed under arrest by Tuba and placed in prison. In the Forte Dungeon they meet March's older twin Salsa and eventually manage to escape through Andantino's secret passage. Outside the passage the group meets Jazz, Falsetto, and Claves members of the resistant group Andantino. Allegretto and the others head out to the Cabasa Bridge, but they are ambushed by Tuba and are forced to fight him once again. Once defeating him, Tuba knocks down the bridge and causes the party to fall into the Fusion River. Struggling not to fall in the current, Allegretto attempts to save Polka, but fails and is pulled in the rivers current.

Separation and ReunionEdit

Allegretto and polka

Allegretto and Polka in the Tenuto flower fields.

Allegretto ends up with Viola, Jazz, Claves, and Falsetto after the incident at the Cabasa Bridge and decide to make for the secret rebel city of Andante. They travel through Adagio Swamp for four days, staying at the Cantabile Inn for one night. Allegretto walks outside for some air and thinks about what happened at Forte Castle. Jazz and Viola arrive and speak with him. Allegretto figures out that Tuba attacks him and his friends, because he thought they were with Andantino and tells Jazz that a spy is in the resistance group. Allegretto and the others head out the next morning and pass through the poisonous Woodblock Groves. After defeating the monstrous swamp guardian, the group arrives at the Andante; Jazz and Claves leave, telling the rest of the group to spend time in the city. While exploring the city, they encounter a young boy who is dared to retrieve water from a sacred spring in Lento Graveyard. Allegretto, Falsetto, and Viola go in the boy's stead and defeat the monster guarding the graves. Allegretto and the others return into the city and intend to meet Jazz, only to find out that Claves was murdered. The group completely splits, all of the members choosing their own path; Allegretto decides to return to Ritardando and look for Beat.

Beat and Frédéric arrive at Allegretto's house some time later and Allegretto informs the two of what happened in their absence. Allegretto decides to Frédéric a tour of Ritardando before Polka arrives. while out they see the church packed with people concerned that ghost are haunting the building and are ordered by the people of the city to investigate it. While inside the church Allegretto and the others meet March, Salsa, and Viola, Allegretto pretends to be afraid of ghost and tricks his way out of his job. After getting out of his job, Allegretto decides to head out to Tenuto and pick up Polka, on the beach he finds an odd shaped rock and decides to keep it. Allegretto arrive in Tenuto late at night and meets Polka's mother, the two talk and he is informed of Polka's astra. After speaking with Polka's mother he goes to the flower fields and meets Polka, the two talk and expand their relationship. Allegretto explains that he is concerned of her fate and wants to help cure her, after these events Allegretto gives Polka the rock he found on the beach and causes shock to Polka.

Final EncounterEdit

Defend polka

Allegretto defending Polka.

The next day Allegretto and the others head to Baroque to speak with Prince Crescendo on what to do with Count Waltz. After being in Baroque for a week, Allegretto and the others head to Aria Temple to learn about secrets of Astra, but while there they are attack by Clave's murderer, Rondo. After defeating Rondo, the group heads back to Baroque, but Polka faints in front of the gates and causes Allegretto to panic. Allegretto and the others then head to Agogo Forest to meet with the Agogo Queen Mother, to see if she can help Polka, deep in the forest the encounter Fugue. After defeating him, they return to Baroque and heal Polka, but another situation arises Prince Crescendo and Princess Serenade have gone to Forte to turn themselves in hoping for peace. The groups head out to Mount Rock and catch up with the two only to be ambushed by Count Waltz and his monstrous Mineral Powder soldiers. Allegretto and the others are forced to battle with Count Waltz himself and manage to defeat him. Allegretto and the others then witness, the transformation of Legato after he drinks advanced Mineral Powder.

Change Things

Allegretto laments Polka's fate

Legato then tears open a hole in time and space after, the party has no other choice, but to follow them into the Elegy of the Moon Distortion. At top of the Double Reed Tower of Sand, Allegretto and the others find Count Waltz and Legato and fight them. After defeating the two, Waltz commands Legato to destroy the world itself and Allegretto and the others are sent to an corrupt version of the Tenuto flower fields, there Allegretto and the others are forced to fight Frédéric, who wants his life to end once and for all. After defeating his friend, Allegretto feels regret feeling there was no other choice. Polka then jumps a cliff and seemingly commits suicide, thinking that she is the only one that can save their world. Allegretto cries out Polka's name and bursts into tears, asking if this was the only thing that Polka could have done. He then turns to the prone form of Frederic, demanding that he do something if the entire world is really all his dream. Getting no response, he states to himself that it isn't a dream, it's real, and he doesn't know what, but he has to do something. Frederic then arises and suggests that what Allegretto is saying is true, that perhaps the world around them is no longer a dream. After Polka is reborn and the world is restored, he and Polka embrace one another, then have their first kiss.

Special AttacksEdit

This is complete list of Allegretto's Special Attacks. Some of Allegretto's moves were altered in the PlayStation 3 port, so he learns some abilities at different levels.

(View detailed descriptions of Allegretto's Special Attacks)

Attack Name Type Hits Xbox 360 Level Playstation 3 Level Knockdown Chances Time
Sun Slash Light 6 Default Default Low 2.8
Phantom Wave Darkness 2 Default Default Low 2.4
Sky Divider Light 2 5 5 Moderate 1.6
Shadow Assault Darkness 6 10 40 Moderate 2.8
Fire Wave Light 2 20 20 Low 2.4
Starlight Blast Light 8 30 30 Low 3.6
Void Edge Darkness 2 40 12 High 1.6
Bloody Plume Darkness 8 50 50 Moderate 2.6

Battle QuotesEdit

Start BattleEdit

  • "Think I should go easy on ya?"
  • "Don't take all day."
  • "Don't get cocky." (PS3)
  • "Don't get cocky. You're goin' down!" (Xbox 360)
  • "So, how 'bout we go a round?"
  • "I'm gonna pound you fair 'n' square!"
  • "You better back off." (PS3)
  • "Who are you? You'd better back off." (Xbox 360)
  • "Let's see what you've got!"
  • "Don't worry. It'll all work out!" (Party is at low levels relative to opponent(s))
  • "Don't worry! I'll take care of this!" (Party is at low levels relative to opponent(s))
  • "Damn! Be careful!" (ambushed)
  • "Aagh! That's cheating!" (ambushed)
  • "Hey! Did they do that on purpose?" (ambushed)
  • "Not over yet." (critical HP)
  • "That's it, you're gonna get it!" (critical HP/hard)
  • "I'm ready for you! Bring it on!" (1st battle against Waltz)
  • "Let's go!" (2nd battle against Waltz, PS3)
  • "You want a fight, huh? Then I won't hold back!" (Battle against Frederic, PS3)

Battle EndEdit

  • "Pretty good, huh?"
  • "Mmm, no problem..."
  • "What did you think?"
  • "Go and wash yourself up!" (Xbox 360)
  • "You're all washed up!" (PS3)
  • "C'mon, let's get going."
  • "I really wanted a challenge." (Xbox 360)
  • "Not much of a challenge." (PS3)
  • "You're not gonna beat me!"
  • "Huh! Not much to you, huh?"
  • "We're as tough as they come!"
  • "You can't win if you think too much."

Special AttacksEdit

Sun SlashEdit

  • "Blind their ignorant eyes, blazing sword of the sun!"

Phantom WaveEdit

  • "You're gonna fry!"
  • "Be haunted by the hatred and envy of the dead!"
  • "Listen closely, to the angry winds of your requiem!"

Sky DividerEdit

  • "You'll taste the naked blade of death!"
  • "Cut through the cloud cover and rain upon them!"
  • "You're finished!" (during)
  • "You're goin' down!" (during)

Void EdgeEdit

  • "Float adrift at the boundaries of nothingness!"
  • "Vanish, in the absolute emptiness of the karmic beyond!"

Fire WaveEdit

  • "You're gonna burn!"
  • "Like using a cannon to kill a fly!"
  • "Burn bright, and obliterate them all!"
  • "Burn to ashes in the flames from the depths!"

Starlight BlastEdit

  • "I'm finishing this!"
  • "After this, we're done!"
  • "This one has a little extra spark in its cutting edge!"
  • "Watch the light of the countless stars in the night sky!"
  • "Let's cut to the chase! This is over, and done!" (during)

Shadow AssaultEdit

  • "Outta the way or you're gonna be dead!"
  • "Fall into the never-ending depths of night!"
  • "Collapse and crawl into the depths of darkness!"
  • "Damn monster! Hah!" (during)

Bloody PlumeEdit

  • "This is really going to be overkill!"
  • "You think you can take it? Go ahead 'n' try!"
  • "Let this sword scatter the feathers of death!"
  • "Like a blade in the night come the wings of death!"
  • "Cry me a river! You wimp!" (during)

Following Special AttacksEdit

  • "Not bad!"
  • "Have a nice nap!"
  • "Your end is near!"
  • "See the afterlife?"
  • "Did your stomach drop?"
  • "Did that scare you?" (Shadow Assault only)
  • "Did I make your eyes spin?" (Shadow Assault only)
  • "See the feathers?" (Bloody Plume only)


  • "There!"


  • "Not a chance!"

Item UsageEdit

  • "Here!"
  • "There ya go!"


  • "Okay!"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "You're gonna pay for that!" (Resurrection)


  • "Gonna have to come back later!"
  • "This doesn't look good! Pull out!"
  • "The best thing do to now is retreat!"



In music, "Allegretto" is a tempo marking that indicates that the music should be played moderately fast, but less so than the fast, quick and bright pace of allegro.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Eternal Sonata Wiki has 139 images related to Allegretto.
  • Allegretto's character is better-developed in the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, particularly his relationship with Polka. A number of new scenes have been added to develop this relationship, and others have been altered to portray Allegretto in a better light in comparison with his Xbox 360 portrayal.
  • At Level 99, Allegretto carries a STR stat that is 29 points greater in the PlayStation 3 version than in Xbox 360. All of his other stats remain the same.
  • While Allegretto goes by the nickname "Retto," Sym (one of the children in the sewers) is the only character other than Beat to refer to him by this nickname. Polka does mention it once, but quickly asks if it's short for something else.
  • Allegretto gets the last line of Eternal Sonata's main script, a wondering "Polka?" when Polka emerges above the edge of the cliff, levitated by the glowing agogos.
  • Allegretto's physical structure is similar to Falsetto's and they share the same hair color.
  • Allegretto leaves the party for them to investigate the Mandolin Church Ruins saying he's scared of ghosts. This is never explored even later in the game but in the Eternal Sonata Scrapbook, there is a picture titled "No Way!" that depicts Polka and Claves in an area that seems to look like Lento Cemetery with Frederic in the foreground. There is a ghostly hand on his right shoulder and the caption from Allegretto says, "W-What's that on Frederic's shoulder?!" which seems to confirm his fear of ghosts.
  • Not much is known about Allegretto's past but in various instances, it is implied that he is a devout follower of religion. When inspecting a piano in a building in Ritardando, he says he remembers how the priest taught him how to play it. He also recognizes various features of the god EZI even early in the game and, at one point, considers on joining its church.
Allegretto - We're All In This Together

Allegretto speaks about the party being "all in this together" in the PS3 release.

The Eternal Sonata Wiki has a collection of quotes by Allegretto.

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