Allegretto Holds the Agogo Queen Mother Before Polka

Allegretto, holding the Agogo Queen Mother before Polka

Salsa: "This isn't good! The Agogo Queen Mother is majorly upset! If she keeps going, we're all gonna get eaten up!"
Allegretto: "What? Wait a minute, are you sayin' she just ate that guy?"
March: "Agogos reflect what lies within a person's heart. The Queen is just reflecting the evil from inside that three-eyed freak. But right now... Salsa!"
— March and Salsa prepare to calm the Agogo Queen Mother.

The Agogo Queen Mother is a special agogo that is the mother of all other agogos. She dwells in Agogo Forest. The Agogo Queen Mother has the power to reflect what is in a person's heart, and to absorb light.


March: "Agogo Queen Mother!"
Salsa: "Hear us and be calm!"
— March and Salsa use their powers as forest guardians to calm the Agogo Queen Mother.

After Polka collapses due to her magic illness upon the party's return to Baroque Castle after Aria Temple, Allegretto recalls Solfege telling him that Polka's illness is somehow connected to the legend of the astra. Remembering that agogos are connected to astras, Salsa suggests a visit to the Agogo Queen Mother, which has special powers. The party uses the Warp Room to return to Agogo Village.

They travel from Agogo Village to the Agogo Forest, where they find the Forte agent Fugue harassing the Agogo Queen Mother, stating that he has "no use for ordinary agogo." They battle him, but he refuses to quit, and then the Agogo Queen Mother reflects his darkness back at him and consumes him. This leaves her as a pulsing orb of darkness, but Salsa and March, as Guardians of Agogo Forest, use their power to calm her and then get her to agree to let them borrow her power. The party returns to Baroque Castle and successfully uses the Agogo Queen Mother's power to heal Polka.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Agogo Queen Mother is never seen or even mentioned in the game's Xbox 360 version, as the sequence in which Polka collapses is entirely absent.
  • After the Agogo Queen Mother absorbs Polka's power, she seems to simply disappear, but since March and Salsa are not disturbed, it is likely that she is simply regenerating, rather than gone entirely.

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