1st Lieutenant (Bass)
Raider Pirate
23520 (1), 27440 (Xbox 360, 2) / 25000 (PS3, 2, approximate), 31580 (3), 75000 (4, approximate) 17000 (Xbox 360, 1), 10400 (PS3, 1) / 85000, (Xbox 360,2), 11700 (PS3, 2) / 85000 (Xbox 360, 3), 12870 (PS3, 3) / 85000 (Xbox 360, 4), 14250 (PS3, 4) 500 (1) / 700 (2) / 1000 (3) / 2000 (4)
Location Pirate Ship Dolce - Back Hallway (1), Wah Lava Cave - Middle 3 (2), Baroque City - Pub basement (3), Woodblock Groves - South Center (4)
Item Drop Pirate's Paper 1, Skull and Bones, Torn Umbrella (1) / Pocket Watch (2), Pirate's Paper 2 (2, after battle) / Werewolf Choker (3), Peace Earring (3, after battle, normal mode), Pirate's Paper 3 (3, after battle, Encore Mode) / Wilderness (4), Seven Stars (4, after battle)
Special Attacks Cruel Cutlass, Sea Knuckle, Rising Power, Guts/Grit

1st Lieutenant is the boss form of Captain Dolce's lieutenant, Bass, that appears in battle.


1st Lieutenant appears alongside Dolce and Guitar in all battles with them.


The normal physical attack is a slash with the sword. He also employs a set of powerful Special Attacks. Cruel Cutlass is a four hit attack at melee range with a powerful finishing blow that can also hit nearby characters. Sea Knuckle is a fiery, single-strike attack that can hit all targets that are standing close together, including ones behind it. He may use Rising Power at the end of a turn to heal himself for 5700 HP and go into Burst status. Finally, he may use Guts to revive Guitar for 11800 HP, or 26700 HP in the final battle with Dolce and her crew.


See also: Raider Pirate#Strategy.
Beat Attacking 1st Lieutenant

Beat attacking 1st Lieutenant.

1st Lieutenant/Bass, despite being Dolce's top lieutenant, is definitely the weaker of the two, carrying the lower stats of a Raider Pirate opponent. In general, his attacks are easy to Guard against, but they can still be powerfully damaging if the Guard is missed, particularly if he is in Burst. His defense is such that any character should be able to attack him without having to worry about him taking no damage. Hit him until he is in critical, then go after Guitar. Once both are in critical, finish them off quickly. This will prevent them reviving each other. If the party is well-leveled, then they can try taking them on one at a time, but there is always the risk of revival so long as one is still standing.

Battle QuotesEdit

  • Cruel Cutlass - "Time to swab the deck!"
  • Sea Knuckle - "I'll keelhaul ya'! ... Har har!"
  • Rising Power - "That'll cost ya! ... Yo ho ho!"
  • Guts/Grit - "Drink up!"


1st Lieutenant Uses Rising Power

1st Lieutenant uses Rising Power.

  • He carries the appearance and same basic attack set as a Raider Pirate.
  • In the PlayStation 3 version of Eternal Sonata, the amount of EXP granted for defeating Dolce and her crew is reduced by around 7000 points from the Xbox 360 version. In all subsequent fights with them in the Xbox 360 version, 85000 EXP is granted for defeating them, but in the PS3 version, the amount remains similar to that of the first fight.
  • All EXP, Gold and item drops listed are combined totals with Captain Dolce and Guitar (2nd Lieutenant).

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